The invention of washing machine

The invention of washing machine

Never before washing laundry was as easy as it is today. No matter what kind of clothes we want to clean, in most cases all you need to do in order to have them cleaned is load them into a washing machine and once you run it you can simply forget about the whole process until it’s finished.

However, a few dozens of years ago the whole thing was much more complicated. How did it happen that the washing machine was invented, who did it and how it was later developed so that today we could have plenty of types of this invention?

Early designs

Unsurprisingly, the very first prototype of a machine to wash laundry was invented in England and as soon as it was invented, it was also patented. In late 18th century a patent was issued, however the idea was in fact very common among people all over the Europe. Therefore, in 18th century at least a few working ideas along with plenty of conceptual drawings were issued in order to get a patent for a simple yet working washing machine ( ).


Back then most of commonly uses machines for laundry were powered by steam engines. Unsurprisingly one of the biggest steps towards contemporary design was the introduction of electricity into our houses. Soon washing machines started to be powered by electricity and, as mentioned, it turned out to be a huge step towards automatization.

Interestingly a person, who might have become one of the most renowned inventors of all times, remains unknown – it’s not clear who created the very first electric washing machine.


Once there was a working product the time to develop it further begin. Plenty of people decided to make the whole process better, easier and safer. As you know, today everyone can effortlessly afford one of completely safe and reliable washing machines which are available almost everywhere.

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