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cesc-fabregas-wallpaper cesc-fabregas-wallpaper1   Fransesc Fabregas, or Cesc Fabregas as he is more commonly known, is a Spanish football player who currently plays for both Chelsea as well as the international football team.

Cesc Fabregas was born in Barcelona. He was a fan of football from an early age, attending a Barcelona match for the first time at ten months. He began training with CE Mataró, before being signed to Barcelona in 1997, when he was 10 years old, he was signed to the famous ‘La Masia’ Barcelona youth academy. His talent was known about almost immediately. In fact, CE Mataró went to great lengths in order to ensure that Barcelona would not see the amount of talent he had. For a good while, he was not allowed to play in any matches against Barcelona, although he was eventually signed. While he managed to play against some top names while was at Barcelona, he never managed to play a first team game for the team.

At the time, Barcelona was going to through a bit of an influx in talent. As brilliant as Fabregas was, it was unlikely that he was going to get any play time at Barcelona. As a result, his agent started to look for new playing opportunities for him. This is when he joined Arsenal. He signed on 11th September 2003. At the time, Arsenal, while they had plenty of foreign talent, had very little in the way of Spanish talent. As a result, Fabregas found it difficult to adapt. This was until Philippe Senderos took him under his wing. Remember, he was 16 at the time, so it was still a big deal to move to a whole new country to play for a football team.

Fabregas did not intend to play for the first team so quickly. In fact, he felt as though he would be playing for the Arsenal Academy for a while. He did interact with some of the more experienced players, but that was it. However, on 28th October 2003, he made is first team debut in the League Cup. He became the youngest ever first time player for Arsenal. A few matches later, he became the youngest ever goal scorer for Arsenal. He did not play a single league game this season, even though Arsenal went on to win the league, but he did play in numerous cup matches.

After this, Fabregas began to steadily become a fixture in the starting eleven, before being awarded the club captaincy in 2008. In 2011, he headed to Barcelona for a fee of €29 million. He was sold to Chelsea in 2014 for €33 million, a place he has stayed since. While he has been linked to other teams, namely West Ham, it is unlikely that Fabregas will be leaving Chelsea any time soon. He is still one of their better players, even if he is finding it difficult to move into the starting eleven in the same way that he did in the past.


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